graduate tests (part two)


I am one day away from the LSAT. I reason that withn 24 hours, I will be completely contained as I walk into the classroom. Perhaps I will also be the only outsider, as I like to fashion myself.

Today, I am putting my hipster photograph on the sign in ticket, and taking one last practice test. Since I already took some sections, and this is my 10-15 minute break, I made some cream of potato soup with corn and other good things. It was actually delicious because I made it less thick than the kind you find inside chicken pot pies. Now, do not judge me, I am not making soup in the middle of the day to procrastinate. No, sir! That is not what I do!

By the way, did it ever rain! All the streets on the West side of Pelham were flooded, as well as M-39. Man, the drains are working overtime.

LSAT Cram Potato Soup with Lots of C(orn)

Okay, back to studying. Boo!

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