graduate tests (part two)


I am one day away from the LSAT. I reason that withn 24 hours, I will be completely contained as I walk into the classroom. Perhaps I will also be the only outsider, as I like to fashion myself.

Today, I am putting my hipster photograph on the sign in ticket, and taking one last practice test. Since I already took some sections, and this is my 10-15 minute break, I made some cream of potato soup with corn and other good things. It was actually delicious because I made it less thick than the kind you find inside chicken pot pies. Now, do not judge me, I am not making soup in the middle of the day to procrastinate. No, sir! That is not what I do!

By the way, did it ever rain! All the streets on the West side of Pelham were flooded, as well as M-39. Man, the drains are working overtime.

LSAT Cram Potato Soup with Lots of C(orn)

Okay, back to studying. Boo!

graduate tests (part one)


Studying for graduate tests always brings forth two feelings for me: complete disregard for higher education and a love of competition.

My studying has been prolific, intermittently. I admit that I am inadequately prepared for the test in June, and yet, I am not so concerned. There is something artificial (ersatz?) in the tests, something that does not allow for the complete notation of  experiences gained through proletariat work. And I have come to value what forty hours a week means, and how to adapt to a lifetime of it, if necessary. Do they make a box I can check on the test for this sort of study practice?

My love of competition, to put it mildly, has waned. Due to many factors, I have come to the realization that the essence of life for me is not simply the pursuit of scholarly work. This does not mean that I do not want to do well- oh, that will be accomplished even if it takes two or three rounds of test-taking.   I guess what I mean is that I am content with whatever number I receive. My efforts were not any less, even if the score does not reflect this. And this is something that I could not have said just a couple of years ago. It’s nice to grow up.