Drake’s Bay Oyster Company


On a foggy Thursday, we decided to take a girls’ trip to Drake’s Bay, about an hour and a half north of San Francisco. The mission? To go to Drake’s Bay Oyster Company, without crowds around. We craved some oysters!
Of course, the fog only rested above the Bay Area, and as soon as we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge, all shimmered in golden sunlight. We traveled to Point Reyes first, stopping at Cowgirl Creamery, where their Red Hawk cheese was being made. We sampled, bought some hot drinks and Christmas presents, and headed to the oyster farm.
The salt had covered all the shrubs along the pathway in a pale shade of white, reminiscent of a light snowfall. With a cold wind blowing, we took to task and shucked three dozen extra small oysters (if you can believe it!), drank some fine white wine, and had cheese and crackers. The conversation flowed much better than the wine, which was knocked over once or twice by the breeze. After three hours, we packed up, and headed back to the city for some drinks to warm us up.

Oyster Picnic

Drake's Bay Oysters

Drake's Bay Panorama

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