basil and roots


I bought a large box of basil a couple of weekends ago, and have used it to make pesto a couple of times, and a salad. However, understandably, there was a small handful that was left over even after many uses. In an effort to use all of the food I buy, I put the herbs I get in a small, simple Ikea vase with some water, to make them last longer. For most herbs (dill, basil, cilantro) this helps lengthen their time with me. However, I have found that some are not so excited about the prospect of living in water (most prominently, sage). Anyway, I left my basil in water, and did not pay much attention to it during the week. A couple of days ago, as I went to check on the water level, I noticed little roots. First, I was excited, since this meant I may be able to plant the basil. (Although, I have already started little seedlings of basil my mom sent me last summer.) But after thinking it over, I decided to see how long the roots would get before the basil started to go bad. So I took a picture today, and will update as things progress.

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