I have  been very lazy lately. No need to pity, as I clearly know that I have been dragging my feet in lots of creative ways. However, as I watch other people do so much, I feel just the tinitest bit of jealousy. I know I am that talented, I keep saying to the voice in my head. And I went looking this weekend at Anthropologie, that sort of Parisian meet American everything-in-one-place store. And among the cute items on sale (read: $98 skirt for $19.95, thank you very much!), I found a cute set of cups, and my most prized possession ever (for now), a beautiful teacup and saucer set. To give you an idea, follow this link. I even celebrated this find by drinking water in it last night for dinner. Anyway, on to the motivation piece, I also saw this journal there. So I thought about getting it, and then I left without it and thought about getting it again. At last, I saw it on a blog that I love, which only confirmed that I should get it, so I went to trusted Amazon and found it for less $. So, I think I am ready to do it! To commit to a 5 year journal. Item added to cart, half of work done. Big red check!

But did I stop here? No way, sir! I also went to find the top 100 best novels list, and clicked on one of the first links that popped up (a sigh of laziness, and am I predictable?). Teaming up with our rather large library and Kindle, I am attempting to read all 100 best novels on the list, by the end of the calendar year. A great feat? Perhaps. Setting myself up for disappointment? Perhaps. But if I know me, and I am really hoping that I do (out on a limb here, HP), I can do it. So, in great cheer and with spirits high, I am ready to start. And for fun, I have also included this list as well, hoping to knock off a few between the two.

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