summer salad


Where did the summer go? The dreary weather almost made me forget that others enjoyed a proper summer all along. Time elapsed, and for the majority of it, I felt tired. June through August seemed like a movie dream (including fog!) which soon clears away, but not before leaving you wondering what exactly happened. I forgot to search for Damson plums earlier, to make a modified version of sloe gin, and now they are finished for the year. Small regrets, which quickly are forgotten by the bounty that fall brings.

Summer Salad with Jam & Raspberry Vinaigrette 

summer salad

Ingredients (for two salads):
two ripe peaches
two plums
one large tomato
half of an Armenian (or English) cucumber, peeled and cut into quarters
half of a small red onion, chopped
an ear of corn, roasted or grilled
about 12-14 leaves of basil (I used Greek basil)
about 2 ounces of ricotta salata (or feta)
one tablespoon of jam (peach or berry work well)
raspberry vinaigrette (or simple vinaigrette)

1) Chop the tomato into bite sized pieces. Then drain in a colander with some salt, about 5 minutes. The juice is great for drinks.
2) Wash the fruits, and if skin is too thick, peel. You want the same size as the tomato, and I find slices are too large. Stone fruits should be able to “roll” on a cutting board by simply beginning to slice as usual, and then rolling the fruit back and forth. If cling free, your pit will come off before you know it. If the pit is clingy, cut thick slices all the way down to the pit, and you will be able to pry it off cleanly.
3) Combine the jam and raspberry vinaigrette, maybe adjusting for flavor as needed. You want a balance of sweet, with a punch!
4) Place the onion and cucumber in a bowl, pick off or cut the kernels off the corn, and toss them in too. Then add the fruit, followed by the tomato. Add the jam + vinaigrette mixture, and toss gently.
5) Top off with crumbled ricotta salata cheese, and a few leaves of basil. Sprinkle with salt, but only if needed. The ricotta salata tends to be pretty salty.

peaches in summer salad