homemade brunch


The sun is out, and everything seems so much warmer. A glow has fallen over the neglected garden, herbs looking more like weeds. The laundry is spread into giant piles on the bedroom floor, and I have run out of socks. None of this matters though, because I made the most delicious brunch for myself – sweet Early Girl tomatoes meet salty goat cheese. Early Girl tomatoes have a thin skin, which you can remove (or keep) when cooking, and they are pulpy, not watery. My tomatoes were so soft that the skin was easily peeled off without blanching. And the leftover sausage from last nights’ dinner was a welcome protein addition. I cooked the haufbrau sausage (from Trader Joe’s) in an apple jelly, mustard, and (slight) olive oil creamy sauce. All I was missing was a cup of orange juice.

sausage and eggs