a new year


Sometimes everything worth saying resides in the silence. The last sunset of the year provided a brilliant show.

The entire year has been full of color, leaving me thinking that nothing can best this one sky, only to be proven incorrect day after day.



What a joy it has been to see this small ice poppy plant produce vibrant red blooms for the last two weeks. I especially like the folds of the petals as they emerge, reminiscent of creases on silk fabric. Spring is here, indeed, and I am elated.

Ice popies

on the passage of time


Over the last…pause for count…7 months, life has changed. To be a little less dramatic, a lot has been going on. The move to Texas, the new job, the new place, the new everything. Reflecting back on all of it, I have realized that 1) I do not like moving, and 2) I am pretty happy. In order to sum up things better, we have ventured all over the city in exciting explorations, and tamed the wildest of frogs. Below are some pictures of things we have done.

I have realized, after trying to find pictures for this post, that most of the photographs we take are of food. I think people would find it really boring looking at prepared meals or farmers market finds. We will try to spice up our catalog with more offerings.



i guess he liked it…


…cuz he put a ring on it.

(I really like it)

“Now you can’t sing that song anymore because you are not a single lady.” – Mike

the month of may


“Now every field is clothed with grass, and every tree with leaves; now the woods put forth their blossoms, and the year assumes its gay attire.”  VIRGIL