almond tree branch


almond tree branch in the morning

almond tree flowering



A bouquet that my father picked for me while I was visiting my parents.



Simple field daffodil arrangement. Learned that all Narcissus species are poisonous since they contain the toxic crystalline alkaloid lycorine in the bulb, and sometimes leaves as well, which can be confused with onion bulbs and consumed. Eeep! Note to self - remember to separate onions from flowers.


editing photos


I have been trying to find an easy to use app for my phone, which I use to take almost all of my photos.  Through my experiments, which were costly, I have settled on Camera+. I am sure it is not the most professional, but I like the ease of editing photos, and the various filters that are available. Below is a little photo shoot with some flowers I bought.



I think that it must be my mother who instilled this deep love of flowers in me. I like all flowers, especially the little seedlings who emerge triumphantly in the spring. I get deeply excited seeing their arrival.

I got a bunch of magenta-violet tulips from our friend who came over for dinner this week. It feels so nice to receive flowers. They make me feel happier just looking at them over my computer screen. And tulips are lovely as they elegantly open up. I think they are a bit underrated in the market place, next to the roses. I like tulips much better than roses.


last of the spring lunches


Today was a particularly spectacular day to be indoors. The sunshine made everything come alive, and I was inspired to make something that would be equally delicious and sweet. I ended up with a baked beet and French baby swiss cheese salad. It was light and fragrant from the beets who had begun caramelizing inside the foil I had wrapped them with, and the vinegar brought out such a nice complement to the cheese and beets. I wish I had more days where I am reminded of the windows of time that I had growing up, sitting in the sun. It was an ode to the last batch of beets, and wishful optimism for a sun filled summer (full of flowers and herbs!).

Beets are so sugary and delicious. And I wish I could keep red beet dyed hands wherever I went.

Baby swiss cheese is not as tasty as adult swiss cheese. Does this mean babies are not tasty? Don't be swift, HP.












Also, the orchids bloomed again, and became my first successful hobby since moving down here. They are not as easy to take care of as the label says. I am still hoping Little Magenta returns to blooming form soon. Below, for you, is the Great White.

I talk to my flowers, and theorize this is what gets them to grow twice as much as normal orchids. Either that, or, the Miracle Grow food.