farmers market


It is the end of winter at the farmers market, and a time to rejoice for the offerings of spring, but also reminisce about the winter. Today was a day full of bright colors, especially citrus. I am excited to make cake, jam galore, juice, and finally just eat these beauties, especially the pomelo.

Citrus bountyTop row: ruby red grapefruits (4 for $1), top right hand corner is sweet lemons.
Middle row : cara cara oranges.
Bottom row: lemons, blood oranges, and an oroblanco pomelo.

fall fruit


My favorite part (I realize I have said this phrase before) about living in California is the fruit. Delicious persimmons of all varieties: sweet and fleshy hachiya,  and non astringent (read – lower in tannins) Fuyu, or Jiro.  Pomegranates with the most delicious white seeds (aril actually). Lovely small apples so fragrant that the whole kitchen and dining room smelled like an orchard for days. Kiwi. And black walnuts. I am in love with fall produce.

on the passage of time


Over the last…pause for count…7 months, life has changed. To be a little less dramatic, a lot has been going on. The move to Texas, the new job, the new place, the new everything. Reflecting back on all of it, I have realized that 1) I do not like moving, and 2) I am pretty happy. In order to sum up things better, we have ventured all over the city in exciting explorations, and tamed the wildest of frogs. Below are some pictures of things we have done.

I have realized, after trying to find pictures for this post, that most of the photographs we take are of food. I think people would find it really boring looking at prepared meals or farmers market finds. We will try to spice up our catalog with more offerings.