beet and egg salad


I have a horrible habit, and I try to avoid the topic when it comes up in conversations. So this is hard too…but, here it goes – I don’t eat breakfast during the week. Hear me out though. It’s not because I have not tried, but I am not hungry first thing in the morning.I know breakfast is super important, and eating it two out of seven days is not a good compromise. But I eat a good lunch! I try to pack proteins and vegetables in large servings throughout the week. Today is no exception.

hearty lunch salad

I had some love beets from a package, and found a Pacific Rose apple in the fridge (I had never tried these before, and I love them). This is usually how things come together for lunch at home, what can I find? I thought about the two eggs that had been taking lots of space in the refrigerator, and about 10 minutes later, I had lunch.

lunch salad with eggs

Ingredients: (for one large salad – if you’re hungry like me, or two small salads)
one small bunch, or half a bunch, of red leaf lettuce
a small bunch of arugula
a generous tablespoon of dill infused olive oil (or olive oil with some chopped dill)
two to three tablespoons of yogurt (I used four tablespoons, and had a lot of leftover in the mixing bowl)
3 love beets (about 1-2 regular beets, baked or boiled)
one small apple (sweeter apples work best)
4 boiled eggs
small pinch of sweet paprika (for eggs)
kosher salt
freshly ground pepper
lightly toasted sesame seeds

1) Wash lettuce and arugula, and let them air dry (if you start ahead) or dry with towels. Chop them into bite size pieces. Toss with infused olive oil and yogurt (or olive oil with chopped dill), and leave aside.
2) Cube beets and apple, bite sized pieces. Also cut eggs in half, and sprinkle with paprika and salt. Add to lettuce and arugula mixture.
3) Grind some fresh pepper, and toss the sesame seeds on top. Place in plate, and leave any additional dressing behind, as it will make the salad soggy.

PS – How can I love brunch? Easy! I usually go out for brunch, and only on the weekends.

last of the spring lunches


Today was a particularly spectacular day to be indoors. The sunshine made everything come alive, and I was inspired to make something that would be equally delicious and sweet. I ended up with a baked beet and French baby swiss cheese salad. It was light and fragrant from the beets who had begun caramelizing inside the foil I had wrapped them with, and the vinegar brought out such a nice complement to the cheese and beets. I wish I had more days where I am reminded of the windows of time that I had growing up, sitting in the sun. It was an ode to the last batch of beets, and wishful optimism for a sun filled summer (full of flowers and herbs!).

Beets are so sugary and delicious. And I wish I could keep red beet dyed hands wherever I went.

Baby swiss cheese is not as tasty as adult swiss cheese. Does this mean babies are not tasty? Don't be swift, HP.












Also, the orchids bloomed again, and became my first successful hobby since moving down here. They are not as easy to take care of as the label says. I am still hoping Little Magenta returns to blooming form soon. Below, for you, is the Great White.

I talk to my flowers, and theorize this is what gets them to grow twice as much as normal orchids. Either that, or, the Miracle Grow food.