arugula and yogurt


More than anything, I was known as a crazy mixer growing up. I would eating watermelon with ketchup, and not bat an eyelash when others gagged. Mustard with your cake, well, it’s not for everyone. I think this was the only way I knew how to try and make sense of what condiments were, or what to do with them.

A recent bunch of fresh arugula led me to experiment with how I could eat it raw. By itself, arugula is good to much on, but it does not take long before I feel kind of like a cow munching on grass. I just need a little spice, a little hint of something to elevate the delicious taste. About three fourths of the bunch through, I mean used for failed experiments, I found comfort in a dish of arugula and yogurt, topped with olive oil. It was simple, fast, and showcased the extraordinary taste of arugula the best. Sometimes it’s the simple things that make the most sense, and instructions seem unnecessary, but they are below├é┬áregardless.

arugula for lunch

Ingredients (for one serving):
half a small bunch, about 20 large leaves of arugula
one quarter cup of yogurt
one to two tablespoons olive oil
pinch of salt

1) Thoroughly wash arugula, and either towel dry or leave out to air dry. Then chop roughly, think bite sized cuts.
2) Add yogurt to a small bowl, toss in chopped arugula, and mix thoroughly. Place on a plate, or eat in the same bowl!
3) Top with the olive oil, and add a pinch of salt.