last of the spring lunches


Today was a particularly spectacular day to be indoors. The sunshine made everything come alive, and I was inspired to make something that would be equally delicious and sweet. I ended up with a baked beet and French baby swiss cheese salad. It was light and fragrant from the beets who had begun caramelizing inside the foil I had wrapped them with, and the vinegar brought out such a nice complement to the cheese and beets. I wish I had more days where I am reminded of the windows of time that I had growing up, sitting in the sun. It was an ode to the last batch of beets, and wishful optimism for a sun filled summer (full of flowers and herbs!).

Beets are so sugary and delicious. And I wish I could keep red beet dyed hands wherever I went.

Baby swiss cheese is not as tasty as adult swiss cheese. Does this mean babies are not tasty? Don't be swift, HP.












Also, the orchids bloomed again, and became my first successful hobby since moving down here. They are not as easy to take care of as the label says. I am still hoping Little Magenta returns to blooming form soon. Below, for you, is the Great White.

I talk to my flowers, and theorize this is what gets them to grow twice as much as normal orchids. Either that, or, the Miracle Grow food.


on the passage of time


Over the last…pause for count…7 months, life has changed. To be a little less dramatic, a lot has been going on. The move to Texas, the new job, the new place, the new everything. Reflecting back on all of it, I have realized that 1) I do not like moving, and 2) I am pretty happy. In order to sum up things better, we have ventured all over the city in exciting explorations, and tamed the wildest of frogs. Below are some pictures of things we have done.

I have realized, after trying to find pictures for this post, that most of the photographs we take are of food. I think people would find it really boring looking at prepared meals or farmers market finds. We will try to spice up our catalog with more offerings.

late night ideas


I wrote myself an email to check online for an iron that has a red hot sign which cools down (and eventually disappears) after you are done using the iron. Although I found none on the internet, I feel happy having thought of something so useful (not that my other thoughts merit any less credit).

Hopefully there exists somethig that has these cooling properties.